Happiness is great when you have it
But then something goes wrong and it all goes away
I feel different
I want to be alone more than ever

I’m not looking for revenge
I just want be miserable

All I need is love and a big hug and someone telling me everything will be okay.



I feel like no one likes me and I’m just their joke.
I want to give in and up.
How many smiles can I pretend to have.
My depression is real but my voice no longer carries me.
I have sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor, on the weight of my own convictions.
Spare me from pity, I do not need what I do not want.
I don’t want anything from anyone, I just need that silence.

Everyone always leaves anyways.

I could cry for hours and nothing changes.

Im so happy im having a baby but I hate everyone around me.

I can do anything and I know im gonna be a good mom.

I dont wanna be in a house where no one cares about me, theyre just gonna love my baby.

I wish I could laugh it all away but it makes me sad.

I didnt do anything to make people hate me and so I hate them back.

I hate that im crying all the time. It doesnt make anything better and im probably just making my baby sad too. I wish I didnt cry and could just be happy with a mess and people not liking me.

Bought myself a pink dildo online for $130. Can wait for it to come in the mail next month. It was thirty percent off. Its waterproof and comes with a charger.

I have all this anger and rage inside I just wanna fuck shit up right now.

My shitty room

In the end I dont get shit
I dont have anything to display for myself.
I dont have anywhere I can put my makeup.
Your fucking closet is so small and it has nails coming out.
Im going crazy.
Im not trying to be selfish but what the fucking shit.
Its youre room okay, then what the fuck am I doing here if everything is yours and it feel like nothings mine.
You display your dumb toys and worthless antiques.
You have shit already on ur walls so I cant put anything I like.
I know its going to be okay in the end but its so hard right now.
I just wanna be home.
I just want space for myself.